Catfish Instead of Pike-Perch – Meter Brand Significantly Cracked

Fishing on the Rhine River: walleye fishing in winter

Directly after my last visit to pike fishing on the river Rhine at my buddy Peter, where we thick Pike up to 90 cm and a great perch u40 could catch, it was clear that it may take long until the next meeting. Since our agreed appointment could take place not because the Rhine had powerful due to the continuous rain and snow melt flood, it was for me very spontaneously on February 14th and 15th, but still on the Rhineland – Palatinate on the Rhine, in the hope to be able to outsmart a great walleye. The water level was lowered optimally and the turbidity seemed ideal.

After around 300 km route I got over on time. After the welcome and recently Trascht (Eclipse) it finally went off. But what was that? In the first 10 minutes was a Falschparker speeding tickets with me, on the windshield. The day began yes times very well. But anticipation for two great days on the Rhine with hopefully nice perch or bass could not break.

Arriving at the first place, we had to find unfortunately, that was staffed with three rubber specialists and we could fish only in addition to the “hot spot”. Unfortunately, there was a fish for any of the anglers. So on to the next job, at which we were also disappointed. So we fished about Six hours on the Rhine and in various places on the Moselle without a fish. For Peter could hold with his camera always cool moments and scenes. The only notable was probably the great earrings – and tear-off number. So extremely disappeared the contents of my rubber box in the course of the day. Really a pity if one takes as a risk and not even get a bite, but that there is a reason here to titillate the tackle – dealers in the country with purchases again.

Since not one time at dusk in a biting phase, we broke off fishing to strengthen us with a pizza. The nerve-racking football game by monks Gladbach we could of course also not escape us and together at the same time some filmed scenes of the day, sought a small test and performance clip of the new Valley Hill euro Edition series to cut. Of course this still a great fish and the best one that called for the rod to the maximum was missing. So we went to the football game again on the water, in the hope that the walleye are perhaps at night more hungry. Over the couple of hours in which we sat comfortably on the TV, it snowed quite heavily short time so that stopped a few centimetres of snow even in the Rhine Valley.

On the second spot, there was the first bite. After a short we had him at last, the first fish, drill a 58 cm-long perch. A few minutes later Peter could hook a fish, this was more to defend a lot, could be landed but also quite fast. With 74 cm a class fish. Then nothing at all went and we changed once again in place.

Already at the first casts, there was a “trailer” for me. Just before I was going to try to solve, I felt a slight movement in the tip of the tail. But no earrings? At one time, life in the thing came and were torn from the roll several metres of string. It was clear to us, that may be only a catfish. The 18-40 g rod had really to fight, but the fish was tired relatively quickly and so Peter was able to land my first fish of the meters at all. A beautifully bright colored Catfish with approx. 120 cm. Overjoyed we fished on. There was still a short time the next fish contact. This time a class Pike-perch with 78 cm, who could not resist the 5, 8″ owner Shad.

Since it was then quite late and very cold, we decided just a few litters at a different spot, which was on the way home to make. Actually, there was even a bite. Initially, the fish read well under control bring and I thought a short time on a high perch, but then he started. Several suites of 30-40 meters and a battle crook began. So the minutes verrannen, anyway the fish was just not tired and the hope to him landing was actually zero. But full of adrenaline I thought, however, was what gave the rod and the 0,12er braided. After about 45 minutes, came for the first time out of the water the fish 15 metres away shot and smacked up again with his mighty head. I can’t believe what a catfish. But the drill was still not long won. When I finally had him under the rod tip, he just lay down on the floor and let move no meters, so I had to keep again about 15 minutes, however, until he arrived in slow-motion on the surface. Peter won’t put over, made a cut in the water and attack the monster without gloves in the mouth. But the catfish was still enough a time around its own axis to rotate power. So I quickly put the rod to the side and grabbed with both hands in the mouth of catfish. With a contorted face, we moved together the 170 cm long and about 40 kg heavy catfish out of the water. Geschossent just a few pictures and then he was able to swim again and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Overjoyed, slime, with wounds to the hands and wet it a ‘ then went still for us home about us Waller beer ‘ to treat. We went to viewing and cropping the movie scenes of fish then dead tired around 5 in the morning in bed. The night was so successful, we treated ourselves a little more sleep and only got up at 10: 00 for breakfast. As the spots of the previous day were already full with other anglers, we broke it then too early and I was overjoyed back in the beautiful black forest.

The next common trout, pike perch and Pike fishing trip is already planned and I’m sure will be a great highlight.

Thanks to Peter Corzilius for the class trip!
You can find more pictures and movies, especially with the fly rod about him, see: our site

Tight lines, Nico