Bogue in Berisso: Sticks and Stones

The great ladies of the River have asserted their presence in the famous piers and this season are surprised by their quality, with sizes as in the best of times. Note with video.

As responding to some sort of mysterious call, the waiting ended suddenly when two reeds stung at the same time. The classical ritual: two or three touches shy in form of advance payment and then a born free and strong. The feast of the Bogue was home once more in the famous piers of Berisso.

Parallel structures of sticks and stones that protect the entrance to the port of La Plata from the accumulation of sediment, these piers along 7.5 km are magnificent fishing of bream and gilding. The first, attracted by the abundant – no bigger than a fingernail – Asian Mussel. The second, attracted by the Bogue and yellows that focus on these as bearing rocks.

The infallible fattening
The truth is that each guide prime fishing area and corn in the water makes your work: after waiting awhile the bogas accumulate in the area and the sprints are NULL constants.

The young guide Joaquín Hasaín was our host in the day. With five boats connecting permanently working area, has information at the heart of most flowering stones, which are closest to the Paulino island and others, such as in this case – which deviate more than 5 km from the coast. In one case, the navigation is minimal in the comfortable truckers that allow up to 4 fishermen work. And the time of fishing that we save on travel, we won it in the water. From the marina to the fishing, with all the fury, not it takes more than 15 minutes. And that, in a fishing onboard, is nothing.

Techniques and equipment
While the Guide realised the manoeuvre of anchored it makes pulling an anchor in the stern with a 40 metres out and holding the boat by bow to bats – double fastening that gives stability to the boat, put together teams consisting of 2,10 m, fine tip and action bait rods medium, and reels of profile low with nylon 0.35. For boga multifilament is not appropriate because by their lack of stretch break lip it produces copies if not the Dunk star we loosened. And Furthermore, it rubs against the stones in a bracing frequent fishing tends to weaken it, and we can do
missed a copy of the novel.

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