Bait Portrait: Zipbaits Eqoipments

Bait presentation of ZipBaits Eqoipments 56/70 F / SP

ZipBaits Eqoipments – my absolute favorite, if I would have to commit myself to a Hardbait. Why of this bait? Because he’s just starting!

First experiences with the Eqoipments Zipbaits

Starting with the question of whether I would like to not even fish the new Zipbaits Eqoipments had. Said and done. Eqoipments come by mail, not an hour later a thick was 50 + Brook trout in my wet hands. Since then, a hair is somewhere reluctant to me, Jack I even something other than the Eqoipments in my snap.

Fishing casting characteristics with the Zipbaits Eqoipments-

At least at the Creek, I fish this Hardbait to 95%. The built-in Mag-Drive System, which direction tail move the weight of tungsten can be during the flight, a good pilot Eqoipments who with his, as compared to the size, relatively high weight. In doing so he flies just like on a string pulled and no swirls, with some practice you placed him precisely in the smallest hole. After hitting the water, the tungsten weight slips back to the magnet. This balanced system of Zipbaits Eqoipments in the water keeps the horizontal position beautifully. Both with and against the current he runs with small twitches to hold high rod in the slight zigzag through the gently tell or the pools and what he can do best, catch big Rotgetupfte.

70mm to 56mm Eqoipments trout fishing

Fortunately, only single hook are allowed in most streams. Through this combined weight loss compared to the triplets Gets the Eqoipments SP a slight floating property, which cast him in noise not above the ground allows, but always something above. The 70mm version has just the right size to make the looks of the predatory trout in the Creek to. The small 56mm long Eqoipments begins very well, especially in times of the small fry. As the best colors on the Creek, the codes #851, #213, and #316 out have crystallized with me. For all others there also something is surely, because depending on the version, there are 10 decors to choose glossy or matt, of course or garish.

Completely convinced I was on the river. My beloved Chub, really fast unfangbar apply, then settled but from time to time by the Zipbaits Eqoipments enticing with artificial lures. Amazing way worked here the 70s better than his little brother.

Which was also a more predatory living Cyprinids Eqoipments right off the bat trick. Even at fast pace runs the 70mm version not off track and so a light bite for ASP. However, the flow rate should be not too high, with a quiet flow he can much better utilise its strengths.

I want to take this year something more in attack the lure fishing for walleye. And I think I need not to mention who is first in the snap. However in the 90mm version.

All of you a hopefully still beautiful growing summer, Robin.