Babs on Tour-Handzahme Pike And Greedy Walleyes

In the fourth episode for Babs Kamal and Matt Heyes, Walleyes and Pike stood on the plan. Surrounded by silence and absolute wilderness, were the two great fish on the hook. But also the Pike feeding from the hand, was a rare and impressive experience for Babs.

In the fourth episode of our Canada trip was again targeted on walleye. Once again, a short flight by seaplane was on. When we arrived at the place of departure, we moved rather in a hurry, because the weather should be worse. Well, great, I thought. The flight was pretty restless. Even more, I was pleased to see me on arrival a really great lodge in the middle of the wilderness. Beautiful wooden boats and incredibly friendly staff.

We arrived late in the afternoon and I wanted to quickly on the water, a little to explore the Lake. Just this evening I caught three Pike and I saw Rafique on the echo sounder in a lower register without end. This made me hope of finding particularly well-fed Pike in the Lake.

The walleyes were the main objective of this episode. A part of our mission in this episode was to begin according a walleye and a Pike with a homemade bait. I built a Feederjig for walleye and a mouse imitation for Pike. Both bait caught fish. The walleyes were mainly in the morning really easy to catch. But the Pike made especially fun for me. Whether thrown, dragged or fly fishing: I think I was still on a lake where it was so easy to get a Pike on the hook.

A special highlight was that I could feed a Pike with the hand. Incredible! I can very well imagine to come back to this beautiful place. I’m me safely there because of the great food offer real giants.