Babs Kiyevsky On Tour-a Dream Comes True

For a new TV show, Babs Kamal is currently in Canada before the camera. In the first episode, she wants to fish together with her colleague Matt Hayes on Muskies.

Babs Kiyevsky produced seven episodes at the moment along with the well-known British angler Matt Hayes and a large camera crew for a new fishing TV show (Ultimate Rod Race) in Canada. The first episode was filmed at the “Lake of the Woods”, a famous Lake. Totally exciting it was for Babs on one of her absolute dream fish: Muskies! Still advance, she has informed plenty of the fish of 10,000 casts. What bait is the right one? Which device can the rare predator be start? How does the lure? Where are the stands? But should these Babs searches to the dream fish?

Let they themselves describe their experiences:

First day-heavy launch

“On the first day, I was still pretty tired from the long journey, but we had a very tight schedule. So it went directly from morning until late at night on the water. We started right at the beginning of a great Smalmouthbass and then for the first time quite nothing long. “In the evening, some smaller Pike bite, but a Muskie we had not seen any back-up.”
Second day-the first ray of hope

“On the second day I had sore muscles by throwing the big bait on the already properly. Around noon I got the first of the much described rear – finally! What a big fish, but he didn’t bite. The behold of such a monster gave me new motivation and helped me focus continue to fish all day. However, there was no bite of a Muskies except a few yobbish Pike.”

Third day-bumpy road

“The third day brought bad weather. We were greeted in the morning with rain on the water. It was the last day of shooting for the Muskiefolge. So slowly, I was nervous. The time difference, the cold weather and the first moderation in English made bothers me a little. We fished in places with large stones in the water. So trailer came to the bite slowed down regularly. But we threw diligently continue and liesen deter us away. In the afternoon, very unexpectedly, there was suddenly a strong Jolt in my rod. I thought in the first moment after a shock second: Oh no again a hanger. But then I felt a movement on the other end. It was a big fish that stick for now remained at the base. After two spectacular jumps, I was kind of hooked. Sure, after long time without contact, and the many obstacles. When the fish was safely in the net I could not stop grinning. An incredibly great experience for me and a great start for our TV show.”