Arrows Pointing to the Guazu

Silversides are still rising. Today the Paraná Guazú in the area of the bridges, and rivers and streams nearby, show the species at its best.

From the month of may, in the area of the complex of Zárate-Brazo Largo, boundary between the provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos, appear large number of fishermen in search of Silversides, a constant that is repeated year after year. An old fisherman said to me: “1 ° of may I am going to the Guazú and I always though it is a silverside”. And it happens after the first cold: Silversides enter the estuary of the Río de la Plata going up the Uruguay, Paraná Guazú rivers Paraná de las Palmas and its tributaries. Cleaner do initially by Uruguay, the course with water generally. And as water will rinsing effect of frost that choose the mud, entering the other great rivers going to remote areas such as the South of the province of Corrientes, or the dam into Concord.

The day of our departure was very cold, with regular winds from the Southwest and cloudy sector. We knew that in previous days has had very caught well in the area of the Zárate-Brazo Largo complex, both in quantity and in quality. And there we go.

The meeting point would be kindergarten Island, where their boats are our guides Ariel Romero and Patricio Barreto. We leave from the city of Buenos Aires in the company of Luis Bendersky and Leonardo Poggi. Before reaching the bridges passed by local tone Ciliberti, who had prepared some portions of mojarras, ideal for fishing which had. When arriving to the island we were waiting with the boats in the water and all ready to go. We prepare our rods ranging from 4 to 4.30 m, which put them boys front reels with capacity of 120 m of nylon 0.23 or 0.18 mm multifilament We would use three buoys of wood raft in different colors by rigging, armed with mother of 0.35 mm and with a separation of 1.20 m, to which is attached a pointer loaded with hook or stick without charge. Another possibility is to use two buoys with a separation of 1.40 m with pointer, making the line more short and manageable.

Away from the wind

Leandro and Luis embarked with Ariel, and I with Patricio. We pescaríamos very comfortable since the boats were large. By the Paraná Guazú headed us toward the coast of Buenos Aires province, downstream from the Club Guazú, a strip that was away from the wind. The idea was garetear and fishing near the shore, usually populated with extensive reedbeds. Anchor layer to the water and start with attempts. How bait use incarnate Crappie from head to tail, a single or a threaded and another hanging. Also ISOC alone or combined with Crappie. The length of snoods ranged between 25 and 45 cm, without using ballast that work more naturally.