Anglerischer Financial Statements

The annual financial statements – November December

First of all I wish you all a happy new year and hope that you had a good time of the transfer. I have experienced a lot before Christmas and the new year, what I would like to share with you.

In November, I was on a Pike on the road. This time of year, fishing with the fly part is relatively difficult; in large, deep waters, the Pike pull so slowly back into deeper water layers and are accessible by the fly only with special equipment. Here I sat like a sinking line in conjunction with floating tube fly – wrapped rattles provide the extra stimulus and outwit the one or the other Pike in the cold, dark or turbid water. One of this Green Raiders stayed with me especially in the memory.

Early November moved again unusually warm weather of my region. Immediately it was clear what had to happen. from the Lake, the Pike would have to be in a biting mood. And so it was. After only three casts, I achieved the first bite. A new litter in the same place brought a small back-up to the fore. Not ten minutes later I had two more rear roller and a small landed Esox on the account – not a bad beginning! I moved the boat by a few metres and placed the next litter. From the boat I fish off like the water surface with initially roughly parallel rolls to the edge. The impact on a big tube came at the third throw. The fish was the first flight and realized that this is no small Pike there fighting at the other end of the Sink3 cord. I put the camera in the hand so my friend and after a short but intense drill a really beautiful Pike present.

But not only on the water, it went around in November and December. So I took a few kilometre to me shortly before the end of the year, to fish once again in Holland on Pike, as well as in Bavaria on the Danube. Also, I have already begun filling the fly boxes for the trout again starting in the near future.

I could not meet unfortunately the dream of the Danube salmon me also on this trip; I will not give up though, that’s for sure. During the short holiday in Holland, according to plan; ran also somehow 15 ° C and constant wind change had probably beaten the Pike on the stomach. A curious Zander-by-catch, as well as a small Esox could I still post and complete to my fishing year 2015 satisfied.

On a good year of 2016!

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