Anglerische Diversity in April

Cod, trout & mullet – fishing tour through Germany

The April does what he wants – this motto, you could summarize the How this interference in the Lake come is here yet never occupied remains a mystery, us fish and why he is so on rubber fish, probably. In hindsight it turns me but another question – would be interested what kind of interference when the fish is? Someone can answer me?

Greeting in the round

diversity, I could enjoy in the now fourth month of this year. Whether on the German coast, small rivers in Western or even smaller streams deep into southern Germany, I could spend some beautiful days on the water.

Coast tour on sea trout and cod

Just in the first week of April, it went with friends on a crazy tour. At the end, over 2000km were on the speedometer. Nico and another buddy picked me up, come from the Black Forest, in Cologne, it went further on the coast to the sea trout and Cod fish, then for a few more days in the Black Forest, to thick stalking trout.
Unfortunately, I could land this time no sea trout on the coast, although I fully motivated joined as a result of catches in March. As compensation, however, there were some CODs that deliver a super fight on the sea trout unit. Also, the spring sun took care of the first sunburn of the year for all those involved.

Brook trout on nymph

Hardly the exciting days on the coast were over, the fishing continued even in the Black Forest. In between Nico and I were not sure us, why we did one such strenuous fishing week – who is on the road with good friends at great waters, he just didn’t have enough. And so we fished for three days on different streams, which provided us with very different challenges. A personal highlight for me was the catch a really strong Brook trout on nymph – which so far could begin largest of its kind that I fish for the nymphs! The fish bite just above a renaturalized Weir and was allowed to swim this down under any circumstances. The stately trout was doing me this favor, but sought their fortune in the undergrowth and gave me really nerve-racking drill, which I won just for me.

Barbel fishing on light tackle

In the second half of April, then moved the first real heat wave of Cologne; This was a time of the year started, in which the barbel bite especially well – a spontaneous tour in the surroundings of Cologne I could so a really strong Barbe most # 3 capture device. Fishing at the nymphs you must fish barbel usually very dense at the bottom, because the better copies move usually only little of that to include food. Accordingly, there are some breaks and so again I have spent much time on the floor of the container to refill the boxes.

In may, only one is like for many other anglers on the plan. Pike! And perhaps more Pike! If there is then still time; Pike! You can see already, I’m fully motivated.

Until then,