Alto ParanÁ: The Golden Paradise

An area that released it already can not forget. Hundreds of Golden inhabit it, making one of the most effective fishing.

Alto ParanÁ: The Golden Paradise
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This not for July, follows the shoal of Golden hovering around the lodge and is a shame to miss the opportunity to come”we commented Gonzalo Castaño, owner of the Inn of el Paso.

Alto Paraná is always an invitation to the unexpected, to the possibility of the large river, the fish in the photo, and a proposal of people who both know the area, it is very difficult to miss the opportunity to go.

We got together with Mauro Bittolo and within a few minutes of conversation we got agreement on the date of the trip. Now there was we know the elements that we would bear the possibility of fish with different modalities. When one undertakes these types of travel, it doesn’t leave anything RID randomly. And though it tries to simplify some teams, often it is very difficult. In this case should bring items to fish with bait, others for trolling (between these two modes is only possible unify), baitcasting and spinning, and even some squad sneaked us to test fly.

To fish with bait and trolling rods up to 2.40 m graphite, with 25 pounds of power and action of tip prepare (1 pound: 453 grams) for use with medium rotating reels loaded with 0.40 mm nylon or multifilament of 40 lbs. And here you can make a slight difference between what load should use in each circumstance. For example, if we caught adrift or anchored on slabs of stones or sectors of much friction, the ideal is to use the reel loaded with nylon, since any contact with a stone would automatically cut the thread.

This would be a special case, because insurance will have to leave derive our line and we will be fishing away from the boat. It is this clarification because if we bait in places of stone, we can employ multifilament thread and add a couple of metres of fluocarbon (very hard and without stretch nylon), and surely that rubbing the fluocarbon will absorb it. On the other hand, if we fish by trolling, thread – being more thinly – cut faster than the current and makes the lure lower or deeper faster than if we do it with nylon.

The trolling technique consists of dragging a lure to idle with a boat. Depending on the species being sought, it will be the way that we should do it. If you try the surubí, we have to sail against the tide so lure deepen more and do scrape the bottom with the concrete possibility of stealing some fish, or sink his some of the patejas in different parts of the body. This is achieved by using long palette lure. And you have much more inclined blade down, the greater the depth achieved in less time.

More details

When the species you are looking for is gold, the displacement of the boat will be upstream or downstream, using palette lure short and medium. The load that comes from the reel we put only a leader of about 40 lbs of resistance steel, and the set is ready.

To complete the team, thinking about attempts to bait we need to only add hooks of the 8/0 to 10/0 tied leaders of about 50 cm long and some interns leads of between 20 and 60 grams.

Taking into account the size of the fish that we can achieve, our bait and spinning equipment would have to be a little bit heavier than that they use for fishing for taruchas and under golds in other fisheries.

For bait, Topschoolsintheusa will have a rod up to 1.90 m and a reel of round ends or an egg with capacity to load it with 100 m of multi 40 lbs, and leaders of steel or titanium up to 25 cm and 40/50 lbs, armed with very good quality carabiners so that we are not open by force of some pique.

And if the idea is to make spinning, take rods up to 2,10 m, that will help us if we must further launch a day of wind against (also is important to the weight of the lure), frontal reels with good brake register, that support not less than 20 kg of force, loaded with 100 m of multifilament.

If the day of fishing there is very windy, thread – to be lighter than nylon – flies more easily and is very easy to cause some kind of entanglement. Talk lures, we would have a long time, but the recommendation is: don’t leave none at home.

I get the day of the trip and the anxiety we invaded, taking into account that the place guides us reporting on the goodness of fishing at this time. A very enjoyable bus trip we arrived at Corrientes capital. We waited there Gonzalo, with whom we made the last 30 km between us in Paso de la Patria.

Arriving at the Inn and then delight the eyes with its beautiful sandy beach, we leave the luggage in the room, we got comfortable and quickly present us with the Guide Fernando, who would be responsible for our day of fishing.

Facing the anxiety of the fisherman, Paso de la Patria has good fishing boats are very close to shipping. And this time was no exception. We imagine that our face showed that anxiety, because the Guide first thing we said was: ‘ stay calm that we are going to fish, and very well “.

Initial sets

First we would go to try the gold on a slab of stone that is almost against our accommodation and we would with natural bait: morays called bottles, a little smaller than the mamachas (those of larger size).

We put together teams with reels loaded with nylon. And on this occasion we use forged hooks 8/0, with whom we pinchábamos once at the mouth the brunette, did run the leader and then enhebrábamos it almost in the middle of the body.

We trolled the hell or pinda on the ridge and the currents made us derive about the stones. What followed was a celebration of piques. Golden that exceeded all 6 and 7 kilos, some reaching the 15 kilos.

It should take into account that using this method many times we can hook some stone at the bottom, which in the first instance we will believe that it is a fish after our deception.

We came with pique even, with golds of all sizes, until a very singular run noticed us that something big had ignited. They were minutes of back and forth, and the fish is rarely was seen in surface. It was the first gold of almost 15 pounds that we managed to capture on the day… and not was the only one. Fishing Court had more than 3,000 meters, but only they chipped away at there, what should regain hell whenever we left the currents and water shocks which produced stones.

We also tested with lure depth and half water. The sprints were less, but we also had replies from very large gold that made us have much fun. The arms were accusing the tiredness and the Guide suggested us a challenge: with the same crews go fishing for bream. We think that the elements were very heavy, but well, there we were.

We anchored about 25 m from the cliff and just put a ganging of 1.20 m with a hook of the Maruseigo type N ° 14, we play with three kernels of corn and finish with a 40 g thru plomito.

The illusion of resting the arms did not work: the bogas also gave us truce. One pique after another of copies, which in all cases exceeded the 2 kilos and that were stronger still due the current presenting the field.

Without a doubt, this unique and traditional fishing of the Alto Parana gave us a memorable day. Passage of homeland has currently bogas resembling torpedoes and Dorado able to think the best fisherman.