A Bass Fish in The Estuaries of Quintana Roo

El last weekend yet and with the World Cup euphoria, could give me a tour of the nearby stream to try to catch something…
We went a little more afternoon than usual, usually at 6 in the morning are already at the start, but now for various reasons did not and were already 7 when just we were reaching the cooperative, where we always went out.
The problem I mentioned in previous messages, has been resolved and has been established that we can enter into the realm of the cooperative a fee for “land use” whenever we carry boat and trailer, and more practical made me take only my engine and fishing equipment, and rent a boat there for something like $10 USD (including tip) for the entire day.

We began to cast in areas where we know there is good fishing, I didn’t have much luck, my colleague and friend, Sergio wore the famous X-Rap green olive with white belly and rose Horn… is that that canijo trolling, fishing and so much! shot per trip! It was taking robalitos with singular joy! My son who now accompanies me, told me that “our team is losing” (the opposing team was my friend!) more forward and a minnow color black/white rebel, caught a small robalito and made me scandal when I told him that we had to release him, as the says that because we are going to let go, if we caught him! but I intend to to understand that we have this right to choose, and releasing a fish is also important.

In addition now tells me that the would like to operate the boat, and I’m already teaching him basic motor and as it can and it must be handled.

We are still out there, already as to that of the 10, I only had two strikes of a trout small pint and a robalito fails to upload, but that much closer to the boat as to see that they were, try to leave the small stream, and go to one much more large, where there is now curvinas and catfish, so carry bait and try to anchor , but the wind and waves made us return to the lower estuary as the boat turned out to be very heavy for the anclita that we brought.
Of return and more or less sad, we started trolear and has hit a good bug! I if I stand and I told my partner, Ponte ready, this large… hit two very good runs, I get enough line but spool stand well, we were very close to the shore and the first two races were towards the deep part of the stream, then tacked and change in strategy, approached the mangroves and I had to put pressure, because if it gets there below not get it with anything… so, get closer to the boat! When he was nearby, gave a great career more and went under the boat… I thought that enredaría in the propeller or engine, and got Reed into the water, trying to desbalancearlo to come back out, and Yes, came out and hit another career, now bag as 20 mts more than line and returned it to paste into boat , and went back down. Not saw it, in fact I thought that was a bull, (horse mackerel) because of the way that was running, at that time we could move it, my partner got the network and it could not be! We saw… big and very nice Snook! It is the most large that we fish there!

After such a singular fight, I said to my partner, photos! fast and we release it… but to put it on the water my son began with the refrain again and I think that someone I hear you, the bug was exhausted, trying to revive in water for about two or three minutes and nothing. Not be recovered, so we took him home and that ate! Sea bass baked…
Weight 12 lbs 8 Oz, with the basculita of Rapala I have, use a 7 feet, one piece, Ugly Stick Lite Inshore rod and reel is the Okuma Epixor which got Power Pro 30 lbs, with a lure Rapala Stailes steel magnum color green 13 cms with palette plastic mackerel.
Is that the line is ample, and the idea of taking this reel was anchor bait for meagre, but with the weather as it was it was impossible.
In addition to this bass, my partner caught 5 snooks more small, and I paste a painting trout, and two robalitos, my little two robalitos and how to have fun! to the have prepared you a straw Shakespeare Sigma Titanium with a 2000 spirex FD which got Ande Backcountry line of 10 lbs.