127 Kilos of Rod and Reel

An Italian managed the huge catfish using a cane for varied, in a titanic effort of 40 minutes.

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari achieved an amazing catfish of 127 kg in the delta of the Po River, 160 km from Milan, in Northern Italy. While this issue is not the catfish more
large registered so far, is the first place among the accomplished with rod and reel.

In fact, the Po River is famous for its monstrous fish: some years ago they captured a catfish of 135 kg, but always used methods such as networks. With this premise, Dino and his twin brother Dario threw to fish the River, looking for any of those famous catfish of prehistoric origin.

This enormous beast, that Ferrari took over 40 minutes to capture, measured 2.67 m
length, so some specialists estimate that it could swallow a whole person. The fisherman would not disclose the specific location of pique, perhaps to preserve the secret, but the Italian guides know in detail the areas that
they frequent these trophies.

The Italian used a 2.4-m cane and a rotating reel for this amazing capture, in which he had to work every minute so do not cut multifilament. It was so much effort, that he needed some help from his brother to bring the fish to the coast,
Once he managed to get tired of it.

Although supposed they would extract the part to embalm it and expose it in a garage, the fishermen decided to return the animal to the water, in a clear gesture of conservationist. According to the expert fish, a copy of the weight and
long is at least 30 years old. He is known that the species can reach 50 years of age calmly and that often frequent the same areas of fishing, feeding on fish and insects.

Note published in the Weekend 512, may, 2015. To subscribe to the magazine and receive it free of charge at your home address, click here.