Rod Test: Doiyo Concept

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Black and orange the striking colours characterise the first impression of this rod. The futuristic design of the handle immediately catches the eye. The handle is divided into two parts and roll holder as well as handle degree have ergonomically designed grips for … Continued

The Tatui Is a Bait Very Efficient

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When the subject is bait, it is common to use the more easy, as the shrimp dead or corrupt. However, an option that is very productive, which passes almost unnoticed, is the tatuí (Emerita brasiliensis). This small crustacean, also called tatuíra, makes … Continued

Fishing In Cruz Del Eje

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Fishermen’s Sentilapesca: On Saturday, November 7 at 1 pm-about-we start with three great friends and companions of fishing with my son Benjamin to the shores of the Cruz del Eje dam called “Las Canteritas” test lure and fishing taruchas.

The Dream of The m Fish

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Everyone dreams once to catch the fish of a meter. Also, Anika Jadakiss wanted to address this challenge and tried their luck on a Pike-rich waters of the lagoon. Steve Kaufmann told them how the whole story has been unfolding. Anikas’s first … Continued

Use of Live Fishing Baits

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With simple and effective procedures, you can collaborate to reduce the impact of transport and use of live baits. Try to use baits from your own fishing region. Capturing baits, especially small fish, is fun and can be a separate challenge … Continued