Amazon Peacock Bass

The fish of the month will be the Tucunaré, a fish I ever wrote about it before but is little detailed, now we find out all about the Amazon Giants and the following month on the smaller Peacock bass.
The Peacock bass is one of the most sporting of fish our waters, being split into several species, the Peacock bass has already been deployed in other regions and even countries such as the USA. (more…)


Mid-July the great trade fair ICAST took place at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida. Here, the latest trends and products from the fishing scene were presented, which also part with us in Europe in the future will be found.

The products which were on the show, are delivered partly as a first in the U.S. and then only later, if ever, exported to Europe. Some products are intended only for the American market. If the products are exported to Europe, this may take until mid-2015 or even early 2016 until to get the things in fishing stores in Germany. A little patience is therefore already in demand. We show you the highlights of the ICAST from Orlando, Florida first and exclusively. Images and text by Rudy van Duijnhoven.


Fish on Beach

And not only fish on beach, fishing in general is a sport a total study and analysis if you want to achieve an optimization catches. The shores of beaches have become an oasis of many fishermen in search of good specimens. But logically not everyone have the same effectiveness, since precisely opting to just throwing bait into the water without a rigorous study in the beaches that visit. As I want to help you always, you speak a little, of what are the most important points that you must observe fish in beaches in your area. (more…)

A Tour Report from Spain: Fishing for Black Bass!

The bass hype is not abating. On the contrary: travel to the smallmouth bass are more in demand than ever! Also for Rico and Max, two fishermen from Berlin, was neither towards the Organization far to elaborately-she travelled to Spain!

We Want BASS!

It is the 14th September 2012 and I can’t believe it still, that I sit on the central station with Rico in Barcelona and was waiting for the train in the fishing paradise!

Spontaneous Trip To The Bass

I think it was March 23, as we sat with a beer in a bar once again brainfucks about fishing. I still remember that Rico seemed quite unrealistic at this moment. Curious as I am, I simply asked him, in what movie it was.


Artificial Bait Fishing

Today the Brazilians, fell in love by the artificial bait fishing, both Plugs, as Softs, increasingly, we see equipment on the market, pointing to this mode, among many, sometimes confuse us when choosing the right stuff for fish, and in some cases, we went out to disappointed with the performance of the equipment. In this post, englobaremos important elements for the sticks, in the future, we will talk about other equipment, but for now, talk of sticks: (more…)


The ASP also as was known, increasingly occurs in Europe especially in the catchment areas of the Rhine and the Danube. Continue hitting him in the eastern areas as for example in rivers such as the Volga, on up to the Aral Sea. As well, you will find ASP in small parts of Sweden and brackish water areas such as, for example, the Baltic Sea. (more…)

How to Choose a Reel of Fishing?

Nothing worse for a fisherman than wait all week for fishing, preparing everything for the activity and, in time to catch the fish, end losing the fight by not owning the ideal equipment. To avoid this, the reel of high profile provides more tension on the line, in order to give more strength and robustness to the fisherman. But for it to work properly, you have to choose the ideal model. So, check out what you must evaluate in choosing this type of reel!

Think about the relationship of recoil

As one of the main characteristics of the reel of high profile is the fact of allowing fight with bigger fish it is essential that you think about what kind of fish you want to fish for thinking in the relationship. The higher the weight and fight with him, will have to be the best features of this reel. In such cases, the payment need to be less for you to generate traction on the line and, therefore, win the fight.

If the fish generate resistance, but more moderate then this is a sign that you don’t need a reel high profile so powerful–that is, with a very large brake. Thus, the gathering could be a bit bigger, giving more speed for the recoil.

Choose quality brands

As much as quality brands can cost a little more, if you really don’t want to lose in performance so ideally, you invest in a reel of high profile of a quality mark.

This not only increases the chances that you will win the dispute with the fish, but also guarantees more safety for your fishing trip. In addition, quality materials last longer and even with fighting you will not need to change the equipment so early if investing in good brands.

Evaluate the type ideal for fishing use reel of high profile

To choose the right model of reel of high profile will also be necessary for you to evaluate the type of fishing, especially if you will be in fresh and salt water. Thus, sea or salt water usually ask a reel made of aluminum, ensuring corrosion protection. The models built partially in graphite also have good resistance to salt water.

Consider your equipment

Some high-profile reel can weigh more than 1 kg, so they are suitable for fish considerably higher. Despite its excellent features, if your stick not hold then using this reel will result in damage to equipment.

So, when choosing a reel of type it is essential that you consider all your existing equipment to see if that model is indeed appropriate and is within the specifications of other manufacturers.

Has the pitch in mind

You also need to have the pitch in mind, since the reel has key role in this activity. How to behave more line, the greater the chances of forming Wigs on the pitch with that kind of reel. It is essential that the equipment has a fine tuning for the brake, so that the adjustment make the shot do not miss in performance and not the finish line embolada.

The centrifugal and magnetic brake system is also important in that moment and why it is important to choose a model that facilitates the pitch, if otherwise you lose in performance.

The reel of high profile is indicated for fights with bigger fish and that’s why it’s so important to choose correctly. For that, one must think of the elation of recoil, the type of fishing, the equipment, the Quad, and also in the quality of the product. Be sure to comment on your experience with this type of reel!

Check out other fishing tips doing the download of our fishing guide now!

Best Season to Fly Fishing

The large number of specimens of different species will become a very attractive destination for anglers to the Río de la Plata. This output we found the taste with good gold and tarariras.

Love and hatred. Hate and love. An area where unforgettable fishing, with monumental toads mingle… take it or leave it! I still remember those existential complaints at the beginning of the nineties: “so much passion, both sites and have to just live beside the River less fly trap in the world”. Times that are sailing to compass, Internet was a secret of the Pentagon and fishing the bass of the fear was like going to the moon. (more…)

Fisherman Tubertini-Surfcasting Fishing Equipment

Something that seems very appropriate when we engage in an activity like fishing, is that all our equipment and implements work in perfect harmony, that everything is perfect and that we can get the most out of the items we have purchased. Today in Pescacosmar we bring you the perfect combination for your surfcasting fishing team of the prestigious Tubertini brand. (more…)

Fishing Diary

Babs, the fish and the last month

What a winter. In January, the thermometer climbed over the 10 degree mark on several days. No ground frost. This had a strong effect on fishing. Many of my friends reported on really great carp traps. My goals at the beginning of January were once again the pike and indeed on a approximately 5 hectare large flat flat lake. (more…)