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Amazon Peacock Bass

The fish of the month will be the Tucunaré, a fish I ever wrote about it before but is little detailed, now we find out all about the Amazon Giants and the following month on the smaller Peacock bass. The Peacock bass is one of the most sporting of fish our waters, being split into […]

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Mid-July the great trade fair ICAST took place at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida. Here, the latest trends and products from the fishing scene were presented, which also part with us in Europe in the future will be found. The products which were on the show, are delivered partly as a first in the U.S. […]

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Fish on Beach

And not only fish on beach, fishing in general is a sport a total study and analysis if you want to achieve an optimization catches. The shores of beaches have become an oasis of many fishermen in search of good specimens. But logically not everyone have the same effectiveness, since precisely opting to just throwing bait […]

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A Tour Report from Spain: Fishing for Black Bass!

The bass hype is not abating. On the contrary: travel to the smallmouth bass are more in demand than ever! Also for Rico and Max, two fishermen from Berlin, was neither towards the Organization far to elaborately-she travelled to Spain! We Want BASS! It is the 14th September 2012 and I can’t believe it still, that I sit […]

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Artificial Bait Fishing

Today the Brazilians, fell in love by the artificial bait fishing, both Plugs, as Softs, increasingly, we see equipment on the market, pointing to this mode, among many, sometimes confuse us when choosing the right stuff for fish, and in some cases, we went out to disappointed with the performance of the equipment. In this post, […]

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The ASP also as was known, increasingly occurs in Europe especially in the catchment areas of the Rhine and the Danube. Continue hitting him in the eastern areas as for example in rivers such as the Volga, on up to the Aral Sea. As well, you will find ASP in small parts of Sweden and […]

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How to Choose a Reel of Fishing?

Nothing worse for a fisherman than wait all week for fishing, preparing everything for the activity and, in time to catch the fish, end losing the fight by not owning the ideal equipment. To avoid this, the reel of high profile provides more tension on the line, in order to give more strength and robustness to the […]

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Best Season to Fly Fishing

The large number of specimens of different species will become a very attractive destination for anglers to the Río de la Plata. This output we found the taste with good gold and tarariras. Love and hatred. Hate and love. An area where unforgettable fishing, with monumental toads mingle… take it or leave it! I still […]

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Fisherman Tubertini-Surfcasting Fishing Equipment

Something that seems very appropriate when we engage in an activity like fishing, is that all our equipment and implements work in perfect harmony, that everything is perfect and that we can get the most out of the items we have purchased. Today in Pescacosmar we bring you the perfect combination for your surfcasting fishing team […]

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Fishing Diary

Babs, the fish and the last month What a winter. In January, the thermometer climbed over the 10 degree mark on several days. No ground frost. This had a strong effect on fishing. Many of my friends reported on really great carp traps. My goals at the beginning of January were once again the pike and indeed on a approximately […]